About the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Comprising the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, we are the largest public arts institution in the City of San Francisco and one of the largest art museums in the United States.

Mission Statement

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco have rendered over a century of public service in the arts, and it is our mission to extend and enhance that service well into this century. More specifically, our mission encompasses the following goals:

1. To present a range of exhibitions of highest quality which serve, are accessible to, and will draw broad audiences
2. To provide extensive and innovative art education programs for people of all ages and interests
3. To actively involve a diverse public in all of the museums' activities
4. To conserve the objects in our care
5. To collect new objects relevant to the collections through purchase and gift while affording a hospitable place for collectors in the community to donate art to the public with complete confidence
6. To research and publicize the collections through scholarly publishing
7. To maintain two museums outfitted to deliver exceptional visitor safety, comfort, and access as well as the environmental conditions necessary to preserve and protect art
8. To operate within our goals with state-of-the-art efficiency
9. To contribute to the economy and culture of San Francisco

In summary, the Fine Arts Museums continue to serve as one of the premier public institutions in the western United States, existing to provide its community and region with high quality exhibitions, programs, education and outreach, and to care for San Francisco's esteemed art collection.

Financial Information

Audited Financial Statements
FY 2019
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Audited Financial Statements
FY 2018
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